Posted on: December 8, 2008 8:34 pm

I'm a bit of a scribbler.

So here we go, first entry to the world.  So here's how it works, the stars make the stories, I tell it likes it is, at least as far as I see it.


The BCS National Championship Game

Florida vs. Oklahoma courtesy of Texas Tech


The BCS got it right, again.  Every year we go down this path from the first week the BCS rankings come out till early January when we witness a great game.  The world bashes the BCS, but in the end, it gets it right.  Florida and Oklahoma are the two best teams in football and the team that comes out on top is the best college team this year.  Florida has the best offense in football and one of the most underrated defenses.  Yeah, yeah, they lost to a much weaker Mississippi, who did have a very good defense this year (15th).  Otherwise Florida should be in this game, as they are.  As for Oklahoma, they had an exceptional year as well.  Their five 60 point wins capped off an exceptional season.  They had one loss as well, to Texas, by giving up two fourth quarter rushing TDs, having lost MLB Ryan Reynolds for the season in the third quarter.  These are the two best teams in college football this year and will put up one hell of a game.

Texas is the ONLY team that has the right to be pissed.  They were the third wheel this season in the NCAA show.  They had one loss, in about one second, by the biggest receiving threat in college ball, Michael Crabtree.  But that loss is what killed them.  Unlike UF's loss to a defensive Mississippi team (early enough in the year to recover from), and not at all like OU's loss to this high tempo offense, they lost to Texas Tech.

And thus the BCS game was an easy decision.  Texas lost to Texas Tech, no big deal.  But two weeks later Texas Tech gets destroyed by OU, and then squeezes by Baylor in their final game.  Your wins are only worthwhile when you beat someone worthwhile.  Texas Tech didn't win with dominance needed to succeed.  Texas Tech, you kept Texas out of the Big Game, congrats.

No other team (Penn St, USC, Bama, Utah) deserves to be in and are therefore not worthy of my time today.

Remember kids.  A lifestyle is a horrible thing to waste.

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